The last working day of the week for the team of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria is also the first one in the brand new in the center of Sofia. GORA Business Center is now the new home of the company, offering a convenient location in close proximity to Paradise Center and is fully compliant with the views and credo of Manpower SEE.


The first regional survey “Salaries and additional benefits – trend research” (SATR 2022) by ManpowerGroup SEE

Now that the SATR survey has become regular in Bulgaria, the first regional "Salaries and additional benefits – trend research" (SATR H1/2022) is already a fact. It was prepared by all the countries in ManpowerGroup SEE – Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study aims to compare the five countries in the cluster and the different business sectors.


HR BOOTCAMP – The next recruitment academy by ManpowerGroup Bulgaria

The next recruitment academy organized by ManpowerGroup Bulgaria – HR Bootcamp 2022 was developed in response to the constantly changing labor market, the needs of companies and talents, the noticeable shortage of HR professionals in the different industries and the active interest in such initiative from our clients.


Sharing and analyzing the results of the annual HR Screening Survey during the third episode of HR Navigator Club

There is a noticeable shortage of HR practitioners in the labor market. There is near unanimity that a shorter working week would improve people's work-life balance and productivity


Innovation Action: ManpowerGroup SEE implements 4 days working week for all employees in South East Europe

ManpowerGroup SEE announces the implementation of 4-days working week for all internal employees in Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia after the successful preliminary pilot project that lasted for 4 months, which showed a positive impact on employees wellbeing and productivity.


Results of the ManpowerGroup Bulgaria survey "Salaries and additional benefits – trend research" (SATR H1/2022)

Salary increases are expected in most business sectors in the country. The aim of employers is thus to retain current talents in their organizations.


HR Navigator - ManpowerGroup Bulgaria's new discussion club for the immense world of human resources

We start the new year with a new initiative - Club HR Navigator, part of the innovative project of Sofia Tech Park – Clubhouse, and created by ManpowerGroup Bulgaria. Once a month we will organize events in the Clubhouse to share with the audience important and interesting topics from the world of human resources; tactics and insights for working with people and organizations; and advice, ideas and suggestions for all employers, employees and job seekers.


Employee turnover rate in 2021: Survey results

Total turnover in the country in 2021 is higher than in 2020; Higher remuneration offered in another company is the main reason for voluntary job change.


Two international major players join efforts in Bulgaria: Java Academy from ManpowerGroup and Amadeus

The end of 2021 marks the beginning of an amazing project created by the joint efforts of the teams of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria and Amadeus - a global technology company, one of the fastest growing in the country, which provides solutions for companies in the travel industry. The project is called Java Academy and aims to give talents with little or no experience in the IT sector a successful start to their career.


A survey on the identification of levels and factors for staff turnover in the different business sectors throughout the country in 2021

Good information is a key factor for strategic planning and good market positioning for all companies operating in the country. By conducting the current survey ManpowerGroup Bulgaria aims to identify the levels of staff turnover in the country as well as the main factors for turnover in 2021.


“Fourth COVID-19 wave” – a ManpowerGroup Bulgaria survey

Companies and employees in the country expect a new business freeze by the end of the year; employers are considering measures to retain their employees.


Evaluation of the challenges faced by Bulgarian business

ManpowerGroup Bulgaria in partnership with Ironbridge Associates offer innovative solutions that drive the transformation,sustainability and optimization of employee performance, business support structures,operating processes, and technology solutions.


Results of the ManpowerGroup Bulgaria survey "Salaries and additional benefits - trends" (SATR H2/2021)

Talent shortages will lead to massive increases in salary levels in the second half of 2021.


ManpowerGroup Bulgaria winner in the category "HR Services" at the Employer of Choice Awards 2021

On June 30, 2021, for the second year in a row, the Employer Of Choice Awards ceremony was held. The ceremony was attended by over 70 specialists who are engaged in building and maintaining the employer brand of some of the top companies in Bulgaria. Over 50 reputable organizations were nominated and participated with over 100 projects in 14 categories.


Successful first edition of the new "IT Recruitment Academy" of "ManpowerGroup Bulgaria"

On the 18th of June ended the first edition of the IT Recruitment Academy of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria, in which five participants immersed themselves in the depths of recruitment techniques in the IT field. Within a month, the all-day academy recreated the work environment of an IT Recruiter and gave the students the opportunity to gain real work experience through specific business cases.


We are launching SATR 2021 - What changed in salaries and benefits are planned for the second half of 2021?

The current study "Salary & additional benefits - trend research" aims to identify the general attitudes of employers regarding wages and benefits for the second half of 2021.


Career expectations of young talents - Results from the ManpowerGroup Bulgaria study

What do students expect from their future employers? Long-term employment, career development opportunities, and motivating leaders.


Career expectations of young talents - results and perspectives

On 19.05, as part of an online discussion, we will present and comment with the HR leaders of Telus International Eupore, Coca Cola HBC, Lidl Bulgaria, Nova Broadcasting Group, Tuk-Tam, Unicredit Bulbank and Nestle on the results of our latest survey, dedicated to the career expectations of Bulgarian students.


Ironbridge Associates and ManpowerGroup Bulgaria are building a Shared Service Centre of Excellence

As a next step in their partnership, Ironbridge Associates Limited and ManpowerGroup Bulgaria are announcing the launch of a Shared Service Centre of Excellence.


Business climate for investments in Bulgaria

A new study by ManpowerGroup Bulgaria among the managers of companies with significant investments in the last four years found that 52% of them find the investment climate in Bulgaria is good, and a third of them consider it excellent.


Talent shortage and employee turnover continue to be the biggest challenges for HR practitioners

ManpowerGroup Bulgaria conducts numerous human capital management studies on a national level. In the context of the ever-changing environment of the labour market key to a successful business are high-level awareness, excellent knowledge of new trends and established practices, and sharing experience.


Study of COVID-19 Induced Business Trends

For 11 months now, Bulgaria is in an unusual situation caused by COVID-19. During that time, various thesis and opinions were presented on how the pandemic affects companies, what are their most common reactions, and which are the current trends in the labour market.


New strategic partnership with Another Point Advisers

The week starts with the news of the signing of a partnership agreement between ManpowerGroup Bulgaria and the consulting company Another Point Advisers / APA /, specializing in the field of business consulting and training.


Our portfolio is growing - Gamification, psychometric profiles, and real-time HR research and much more with Assert International

In response to the new work reality, we at ManpowerGroup Bulgaria are expanding our portfolio with high-tech solutions and methodologies in the field of research, assessment, and development of talents with the services of Assert International.


New strategic partnership with Ironbridge Associates

Under an agreement announced today, Ironbridge Associates and ManpowerGroup Bulgaria will work together to develop and deliver new ways of working and people services that drive process transformation, ensure operational resilience, and meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving business environment.