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LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness - With passion and delight for mindful leadership

The new business realities demand a new kind of leader - aware, grounded, and in sync with themselves and the world. With such a foundation, the dynamics of markets, technological change, and other turbulence we witness daily are easily reframed from obstacles into opportunities and gifts of our current situation.

What's more, this realignment with ourselves and the world unlocks the real pleasure in our daily work and relieves us of the burden of demotivation, overwhelm, frantic rushing forward, and the frantic search for balance between personal life and professional commitments.


With a vision and methodology to support you on your path to mindful leadership, our partners at Assert International Bulgaria, together with Universeflow, present the holistic LeaderSHIFT Camp program that combines mindfulness, self-control, and motivation, combined with hands-on activities, idea sharing, the most innovative tools, knowledge and techniques for strategic thinking, productivity, focus, planning, and satisfaction.



"The program is for Leaders of our time who are driving change in organizations through personal conscious transformation and with a clear view of where they want to go with their teams. It masterfully blends business competencies and personal development."


Ivan Sherbanov
General Manager, Manpower Bulgaria

participant in a previous edition of the program


In eight interconnected full-day modules, Polina Yordanova, MCC, and Maria Stoeva will lead you with passion and delight toward mindful leadership. In two 4-day experiences, they will guide you along the path from "My Personal Strategy" to "My Company's Strategy" and from liberated consciousness to effective leadership using globally recognized methodologies such as Lego Serious Play and the development of key business competencies.



"Get ready to explore, be challenged, and have fun! In this program, Polina masterfully blends emotional, intellectual, and physical experiences that help you peer into corners of yourself you've never explored before, transform beliefs that no longer help you, and chart a bold and inspiring vision for yourself and your future."


Kornelia Veneva
Regional HR Lead, msg global solutions

participant in a previous edition of the program


The program will take place in two phases - from May 15th to 18th and from June 12th to 15th, in the beautiful surroundings of Uva Nestum, Gozetse Delchev. The event will be in the form of two boutique four-day experiences that promise to transform your understanding of holistic leadership.


Learn more about the program and opportunities to participate.


HR Screening 2024 - Research on the challenges and responsibilities of the HR function

Now in its fourth year, the HR Screening survey, conducted by Manpower Bulgaria with the partnership of the Bulgarian Association for People Management and Assert International Bulgaria, helps to analyze and track trends in the human resources division.


HR Screening 2024 -Проучване за предизвикателствата и отговорностите на HR функцията

Вече четвърта година проучването HR Screening, провеждано от Manpower България с партньорството на Българска асоциация за управление на хора и Assert International България, спомага с анализ и проследяване на тенденциите в дивизията човешки ресурси.  


LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness - С мерак и наслада към осъзнатото лидерство

Новите бизнес реалности изискват лидери от нов вид - осъзнати, заземени, в синхрон със себе си и света. С подобна основа динамиката на пазарите, технологичните промени и други турболентности, на които ставаме свидетели ежедневно, лесно биват преформатирани от препятствия във възможности и подаръци на актуалната ни ситуация.