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Our portfolio is growing - Gamification, psychometric profiles, and real-time HR research and much more with Assert International

In response to the new work reality, we at ManpowerGroup Bulgaria are expanding our portfolio with high-tech solutions and methodologies in the field of research, assessment, and development of talents with the services of Assert International.

Offering candidates- and employee-oriented tools, the new services will allow organizations to increase their efficiency in terms of human capital management and to develop talents strategically.


"The pandemic has radically changed the way we work. The current market uncertainty forces us to rethink and adapt to future changes as quickly and as effectively as possible. The new normality is one of the most discussed topics today, but it also needs new solutions. By adding Assert's services to our portfolio, we introduce modern alternative methods for attracting, developing, and retaining talents and we do strengthen the position of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria as a full-service HR partner for employers in the country." said Ivan Sherbanov, Operations Manager of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria.


Some of the highlights of the new services include:

  • Gamified training with a focus on key skills such as leadership, negotiation, time management, customer service, cybersecurity, and more. This innovative approach allows training in a corporate environment in the form of video games, allowing employees to gain practical experience in simulated virtual situations.


  • Comprehensive analysis concerning abilities, skills, personality characteristics, motivation, preferences, emotional intelligence, and other important aspects within the work environment with international tools and methodologies such as Harrison Assessment, Great People Inside (GPI), and gamified Revelian assessments.


  • Real-time research on key HR metrics such as pay levels, additional benefits, employee satisfaction, and engagement combined with automated market research on the availability of staff in a specific region and industry. The research consolidates up-to-date business information, official statistics, and feedback from job candidates and employees to enable informed strategic decision making promptly.



For more information, please visit www.assert.pro send a request to commercial@manpower.bg



Study of COVID-19 Induced Business Trends

For 11 months now, Bulgaria is in an unusual situation caused by COVID-19. During that time, various thesis and opinions were presented on how the pandemic affects companies, what are their most common reactions, and which are the current trends in the labour market.


Геймификация на HR Процеси – предстоящо събитие на 18-ти март 2021 г.

Геймификацията на работното място и тази в HR процесите е нова тенденция, в чието разпространение на Българския пазар имаме удоволствието да сме пионери.


Проучване на бизнес тенденциите в резултат на COVID-19 пандемията

Вече 11 месеца България се намира в необичайна ситуация, предизвикана от COVID-19 кризата. В това време бяха изложени различни тези и мнения за това как пандемията влияе на компаниите, какви са най-честите техни реакции и кои са актуалните тенденции на пазара на труда.