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Manpower Hungary- New member of MANPOWER SEE

As of December 15, 2022, Manpower Hungary became the new, sixth, member of the Manpower SEE group. The regional Manpower cluster is richer for another experienced team of 55 HR experts and great market potential.

This acquisition is closer to fulfilling the company's vision to position itself as the largest HR company in the regions of southern, eastern and central Europe, for which Hungary is another market that completes this strategic plan.


"It is now the 6th country with Manpower brand under our group umbrella.

For us it is a strategic move to position our presence and business in the central part of Europe and Hungarian market is crucial for it. It is also one step further towards our vision of becoming biggest HR & Talent Solutions company in the regions of south, east and central Europe. With the aim to expand our business into new countries and regions of Europe." shared in LinkedIn Aleksandar Hangimana, Managing Shareholder Manpower SEE.


The goal of the new acquisition is to further localize and personalize support for clients and partners through the creation of a unique portfolio of solutions in the entire region of Southeast Europe. One provider and unique standards are principles that enable partners to optimize costs and ensure monitoring of service quality. Following this trend, Manpower SEE proves once again that it puts the needs of its partners and clients first, and that with the number of 350 HR experts in the region and an agile approach can respond to even the most demanding projects in the field of human resources.


We would like to thank all partners for their support and consultations regarding the acquisition.a


Manpower Bulgaria joins forces with the HR community and with state institutions in the HR Screening 2023 study

Manpower Bulgaria, in partnership with the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) and the Employment Agency, launched its traditional national, annual survey "HR Screening" for 2023.


Менпауър България обединява усилия с HR-общността и с държавните институции в проучването HR Screening 2023

Manpower България, в партньорство с Българска асоциация за управление на хора (БАУХ) и Агенция по заетостта, стартира традиционното си национално годишно проучване „HR Screening“ за 2023 година.


Месец февруари в Manpower стартира с ексклузивно събитие за партньори - Leadership Eve

Тази сряда, 1-ви февруари, имахме удоволствието да поканим партньори и колеги, споделили устойчиви практики с нашата аудитория и допринесли с експертиза и опит в екосистемата ни от формати – рубриките “Попитахме експертите” и “В нашия фокус”, както и във видео подкаста ни Клуб HR Navigator на ексклузивното събитие под надслов Leadership Eve.