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What motivates the employees in engineering positions - MANPOWER Bulgaria and Automotive Cluster Bulgaria answer the question with a targeted survey

The automotive sector was among the worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and its recovery continued into 2022 as well. In order to answer pressing questions that arose in the sector during this period and to propose possible solutions, ManpowerGroup Bulgaria and Automotive Cluster Bulgaria carried out a survey among employees of companies that are members of the industry organisation. 

The survey took place between November and December 2022 and 152 employees of various automotive companies participated. The survey was sent out to participants through the internal communication channels of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria.   


The results from the analysis answer questions with regards to employee motivation and engagement in the business sector. Examples are "What motivates you to be part of the company?" and "What would motivate you to change your current employer?"   


The key findings from the survey show that the main motivator for employees in engineering roles is flexible working hours, while for those employees who occupy lower hierarchy roles, competitive pay and benefits are more important.   


Kuzman Iliev, economist, and psychologists from the S.O.V.A. Psychological Centre team further commented on the results. The conclusions from the research were presented at the monthly HR meeting of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria on 26.01.2023.    


More on the results from the research can be read in the report here: ManpowerBulgaria-Automotive cluster Bulgaria-Research EN.pdf


Manpower Bulgaria joins forces with the HR community and with state institutions in the HR Screening 2023 study

Manpower Bulgaria, in partnership with the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) and the Employment Agency, launched its traditional national, annual survey "HR Screening" for 2023.


Менпауър България обединява усилия с HR-общността и с държавните институции в проучването HR Screening 2023

Manpower България, в партньорство с Българска асоциация за управление на хора (БАУХ) и Агенция по заетостта, стартира традиционното си национално годишно проучване „HR Screening“ за 2023 година.


Месец февруари в Manpower стартира с ексклузивно събитие за партньори - Leadership Eve

Тази сряда, 1-ви февруари, имахме удоволствието да поканим партньори и колеги, споделили устойчиви практики с нашата аудитория и допринесли с експертиза и опит в екосистемата ни от формати – рубриките “Попитахме експертите” и “В нашия фокус”, както и във видео подкаста ни Клуб HR Navigator на ексклузивното събитие под надслов Leadership Eve.