Insights for Candidates


Maria Serbezova

Career in Plovdiv - opportunities, directions and recommendations

Plovdiv is the second largest job market in the country and as such offers diverse opportunities for talent. Intertwining its ancient history and modernity, the city today is the largest industrial center in Bulgaria, which naturally attracts qualified personnel with a variety of profiles. We invited Maria Serbezova, Deputy Team Lead of our Plovdiv team, to tell us more about the Plovdiv job market and the opportunities and directions it offers.

1. What are the most in-demand profiles on the Plovdiv labor market right now?

Despite all the global challenges we are facing, the job market in Plovdiv continues to grow and there is a growing need for more highly skilled professionals.

The city, with its highly developed industrial areas, is home to a number of manufacturing companies. Therefore, the demand for engineering and technical staff is traditionally strong.
A change we have seen in recent years is an increased interest in professionals in finance and accounting, sales, and administrative roles.

The city's development is also gradually turning into a technology hub, which in turn means more opportunities related to the development of innovative technologies and products for candidates seeking employment. Such a favorable environment naturally proves to be a magnet for new investors as more and more young talents choose Plovdiv for their professional realization.

2. What qualities or skills do local employers often look for in talent?

In the business world, it is necessary to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and conditions. And in recent years, they are the new constant.

As a reaction to these constant changes in the marketplace, employers are increasingly turning their attention to qualities and skills that are beyond the specific requirements of the job.

Our work with companies from a variety of sectors shows that companies are most interested in candidates who combine excellent communication skills and high levels of adaptability. The ability to work as part of a team, which includes delegation, and coordination but also taking personal responsibility and the ability to give effective feedback, is also a highly valued quality.

3. And which industries are candidates most interested in?

With the increase in digitalisation over the last few years, there has been an increased interest and focus from young talent specifically on the technology sector and activities related to the use and development of information technology.

This trending interest encompasses a variety of roles and positions, such as software developers, engineers who use technology to innovate and drive solutions, specialists in product strategy development and management, database administrators, as well as experts in technical support and customer service

4. Which sectors are expected to see significant growth in Plovdiv in the coming years?

The economy in Plovdiv is oriented towards several vital sectors that stand out in the current business environment. The labor market is expected to continue with demand for skilled professionals in manufacturing, IT, and outsourced services such as customer service.

In the context of a changing work environment, Plovdiv is a city with great potential and many career opportunities, providing a variety of career directions for candidates from different fields. Companies in the market here are in turn trying to be competitive and expand their offerings to their current and future talent. Many of them now regularly provide their people with additional training, the opportunity to retrain, and different ways to balance work and personal life such as home office and hybrid working models.

And for all those who have more questions about the different opportunities on the Plovdiv job market, I and my colleagues from our team are organizing a "Career Forum: Plovdiv", which will take place next Friday the 13th (13.10.2023) in our office at "Tsar Boris III Obedinitel" 161.

Register here and we will be waiting for you on site to talk in person about how you can optimally navigate your career development.