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Петя Павлова

4-day innovation - 6 months later

It's been 6 months since Manpower Bulgaria and the Manpower Southeast Europe cluster officially switched to a 4-day work week, making Fridays free for the whole team. Petya Pavlova, People and Culture Partner at Manpower Bulgaria, talks about the positives and changes the company has seen over the past period.


Pioneers in innovation

By officially launching our 4-day work week, we have positioned ourselves as a pioneer company that is focused on employee well-being. Over the six-month period, in which we have three rather than two days off, we have seen a change in the overall way we work, our people's attitude and commitment to Menpower's performance.

Working from Monday to Thursday allows us to be more creative, so that we can use our working time as fruitfully as possible in order to complete our work tasks successfully and in a timely manner.


The path to change

Inspired by the opportunity to rest more and more efficiently, together we discuss and integrate new techniques in selection, automate processes and value our time. I believe this has also improved communication between us on a daily basis, as the timely exchange of information is one of the key tools in achieving the much desired work-life balance. We are all making a concerted effort to build and integrate this balance into every team and believe that this process will be finalized by the end of the first year of one of the first employers with a 4-day work week in Bulgaria. Our motivation is clear - efficient work + fruitful rest = happy colleague.


Increased engagement

News of the 4-day work week quickly spread quickly and established itself in the public space, attracting a steady stream of new applicants who would like to be part of an innovative company like Manpower.


Record-breaking results

No doubt many of our partners and competitors have doubted exactly how the reorganization is working for the company, but we are pleased to be able to share the positive impact for the period January-July 2021-2022 in numbers, namely a 32% increase in performance. We believe the trend will consolidate and progress over time. Together we are creating the dream workplace.