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Results of the Manpower Bulgaria survey "Salaries and additional benefits - trend research"(SATR H1/2023)

The fifth consecutive study of Manpower – SATR H1 2023, which provides a summary analysis of trends and expectations for compensation levels, is now available. For the purpose of the study, we carried out a survey with 209 companies across various sectors in the country to understand their attitudes towards changes in remunerations and benefits and how external factors are influencing these processes.

The highest response rates we received from companies in the Manufacturing, Information Technology and Retail & FMCG sectors.


With the help of our survey, we identified one of the main objectives of companies, namely to retain their current staff, as well as to create nurturing conditions for attracting the right talents. Thus, companies that did not make any changes in their remuneration in 2022 are planning to make up for the difference with promotions in the first half of 2023 for their employees.


Data derived from surveying companies in the Manufacturing sector show that a large majority of businessess are planning increases of 6% to 11%. Again, the main goal of businesses is to retain their current employees through financial incentive and present themselves as attractive employers for potential talent in the field. The situation is similar for companies in the Information Technology and Retail & FMCG sectors, which plan to increase their remuneration by 6% to 10%, albeit on a smaller scale. One factor influencing the changes is the high inflation rate, which remains relevant in 2023.


Due to the great interest in the regular SATR survey, we dedicated the first episode of HR Navigator for this year to the latest findings. On 21.01.23, Maria Dineva, Business Intelligence Team Lead at Manpower Bulgaria, presented in detail the data for the first half of 2023. In the company of Milena Karailieva, Director of "Human Resources" - Kaufland Bulgaria, and Assoc. Dr. Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva, lecturer at Sofia University and head of the master's program in Applied Econometrics and Economic Modeling, we commented on what changes in remuneration, bonus systems and additional benefits employers plan for the next six months. You can watch a recording of the event in our YouTube channel.


You can find out more about the changes that have taken place in the full report here:  SATR 2023 H1_EN.pdf



The automotive sector was among the worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and its recovery continued into 2022 as well. In order to answer pressing questions that arose in the sector during this period and to propose possible solutions, ManpowerGroup Bulgaria and Automotive Cluster Bulgaria carried out a survey among employees of companies that are members of the industry organisation. 


Какво мотиватора служителите на инженерни позиции - Manpower България и Аутомотив Клъстер България отговарят на въпроса с таргетирано проучване

Автомобилният сектор беше сред най-засегнатите от Covid-19 пандемията, а възстановяването след нея продължи и през 2022 година. За да отговорят на наболели въпроси, зародили се в сектора още в този период, както и да предложат възможни решения, ManpowerGroup България и Аутомотив клъстер България проведоха таргетирано проучване сред служители на компании, членове на браншовата организация.


Manpower Hungary- New member of MANPOWER SEE

As of December 15, 2022, Manpower Hungary became the new, sixth, member of the Manpower SEE group. The regional Manpower cluster is richer for another experienced team of 55 HR experts and great market potential.