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New strategic partnership with Another Point Advisers

The week starts with the news of the signing of a partnership agreement between ManpowerGroup Bulgaria and the consulting company Another Point Advisers / APA /, specializing in the field of business consulting and training.

The companies expressed their confidence in successful future cooperation in Bulgaria, and at a later stage in the countries of the region - Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.


The common goal is to combine and channel the diverse experiences of the two companies towards the new market challenges. Both sides see potential for synergy in the development of complex products and in entering new segments of the country's economy. The cooperation between the teams will provide a new type of expertise, combining global trends with industry specifics in the respective regions where the companies are positioned.



Another Point Advisers Ltd. was established in 2009 and is focused on the field of management consulting and training with main activity in Bulgaria and the countries of Central Asia. Since 2019, APA is also a certified consultant at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


For more information, please send a request to commercial@manpower.bg 


Study of COVID-19 Induced Business Trends

For 11 months now, Bulgaria is in an unusual situation caused by COVID-19. During that time, various thesis and opinions were presented on how the pandemic affects companies, what are their most common reactions, and which are the current trends in the labour market.


Геймификация на HR Процеси – предстоящо събитие на 18-ти март 2021 г.

Геймификацията на работното място и тази в HR процесите е нова тенденция, в чието разпространение на Българския пазар имаме удоволствието да сме пионери.


Проучване на бизнес тенденциите в резултат на COVID-19 пандемията

Вече 11 месеца България се намира в необичайна ситуация, предизвикана от COVID-19 кризата. В това време бяха изложени различни тези и мнения за това как пандемията влияе на компаниите, какви са най-честите техни реакции и кои са актуалните тенденции на пазара на труда.