Assessment and evaluation of human capital

Are you searching for ways to effectively manage and develop your human capital?

Attracting new talents is only the starting point of a successful business management. In the constantly changing work environment and having in mind the growing competition among employers, the development and long-term engagement of employees is becoming even more important for companies.

In Manpower Bulgaria, we offer various methods for complex analysis of team dynamics, skills, and personal characteristics of employees, forecasting their success at a given position and determining their leadership potential with international tools and methodologies such as Harrison Assessment, Great People Inside (GPI) аnd many more. In combination with gamified training formats, we offer innovative opportunities for employee development, motivation, and engagement with focus on key skills such as leadership, negotiation, time management, customer service, cybersecurity, etc.

Our consultants will help you identify your teams’ strengths and make effective strategic investments in the development of your human capital and employer brand.

Because motivated people and teams build successful companies.

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