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 Employee turnover rate in 2021: Survey results

Total turnover in the country in 2021 is higher than in 2020; Higher remuneration offered in another company is the main reason for voluntary job change.

The results of ManpowerGroup Bulgaria's latest survey "Employee turnover rate in 2021" have been published. The study aims to analyze and identify the main factors for voluntary and general employee turnover in Bulgaria during the past year.


The study was conducted through an online survey distributed through twelve different channels of communication. It was completed by 256 companies from 14 business sectors, operating in all regions of Bulgaria and was actively collecting respondents throughout the month of November 2021.


43% of organizations that took part in filling out the survey shared that overall turnover in 2021 has been higher than in 2020. The data also shows that better conditions and financial rewards offered by other companies were the number one reason for voluntary turnover in the past year. This was shared by over 85% of respondents.


Other key results in the analysis:


  • Only 1% of respondents noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the voluntary labor market turnover.


  • The highest overall turnover was observed in the “Production department”, while the highest voluntary turnover was reported in “Telecommunications”.


  • The “IT department” in non-tech companies saw the lowest overall turnover for 2021, and the lowest voluntary turnover was seen in “Healthcare”, where only 3.33% of employees chose to change jobs in the past year.


The 2021 Employee Turnover Rate Survey is the first of many future surveys that will analyse trends and identify drivers of voluntary and general turnover in companies operating on the Bulgarian market. In the coming months, similar analyses will be published in the remaining markets of the ManpowerGroup SEE cluster - Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.

The full survey can be found here: Turnover Rate EN.pdf


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