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Results from the second regional survey “Salaries and additional benefits – trend research” (SATR 2022) by Manpower SEE

Since the beginning of 2022 the SATR survey has grown from being regular only in Bulgaria to becoming a regular regional projects for all the countries in Manpower SEE – Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this study we aim to identify market trends and changes in business sector across the South East Europe region.

531 companies from 20 different business sectors took part in the survey with most representatives from Manufacturing (24%), Retail & FMCG (18%) and Information Technology (17%).


32% of employers in the region do not plan any significant changes in salaries for the rest of 2022, 29% will or already have increased remuneration between 6 and 10% and another 24% share increases of up to 5%. The rest of the respondents have indicated a planned increase in remuneration with over 10% going event to more than 21%.


When we’re talking about changes in additional benefits and financial incentives the results are as follows: 60% of employers plan to not make any changes in the benefits for the second half of 2022, and 39% have plans to increase them. Only 2% of respondents have shared that a possible reduction in incentives is on the way.


Around half of the employers intend for the changes to affect all employees, whereas the other half plans for the changes to be relevant only for parts of their teams.


The reasons for all the planned changes are mostly as a measurement for retaining current employees and attracting new talent.


The full survey and planned changes in individual sectors can be found here:



10th jubilee episode of Club HR Navigator: "Career orientation – a recipe for a successful start in the professional career of young people"

We launched the initiative in January 2022 in partnership with Sofia Tech Park and Clubhouse.


After the tremendous success of the pilot project – JAVA ACADEMY by Manpower and Amadeus with a second edition

The global technology company Amadeus once again put their trust into Manpower’s hand and experience in the selection process of the new dose of talents who want to develop their skills in the IT sphere. After the success of the first edition of Java Academy we developed for the innovative company, its second edition is set to start on the 1st of November.