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What are the legal options, innovative practices and workable solutions for talent retention and development in 2023?

Traditionally, managers have been on the lookout for ways to improve their team's performance and retain top talent. To support our partners in this endeavor, together with the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the law firm Komarevski, Dimitrov & Partners, we organized a half-day workshop on "Team Retention and Development in 2023." The event took place on 13.06.23 (Tuesday) at the Training Hub of Manpower Bulgaria and today we share with you the highlights of our half-day workshop.

The training covered a range of topics including the legal options for providing employee benefits and bonuses, optimizing HR strategies through data, and discovering and managing motivators for team members.


One of the key takeaways was the importance of investing in employee development. By providing training and career development opportunities, in what's called a "customized basket" for each individual during the workshop, companies can not only retain their best talent but also improve their overall performance by polishing the skills and abilities of their talent.


Repeatedly brought to the forefront, the importance of using data to optimize HR strategies and identify areas for improvement. Together with our guests, we commented on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that every HR should keep an eye on in order to be able to successfully manage the processes related to talent retention and development in the organization they are part of.


We commented on the use of benefits and bonuses as a mechanism for employee retention and the legal dimensions and opportunities for implementing different models in this direction.


After the raucous positive feedback from our packed room, we are already in the process of planning the next edition. If you're interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]


Workshop "Retaining, engaging and developing teams: legal options, innovative practices and workable solutions" in Varna and Plovdiv

After the unquestionable success of the workshop, which we organized jointly with Komarevski, Dimitrov & Partners Law Firm in the beginning of this summer, two more extended editions will follow - this time in the city of Sofia. In the summer of 2011, we will present two new editions of the book, one in Varna and the other in Sofia. We will be holding two more events in Varna and Plovdiv.


Workshop "Задържане, ангажиране и развитие на екипи: правни възможности, иновативни практики и работещи решения“ във Варна и Пловдив

След безспорния успех на уъркшопа, който организирахме съвместно с Адвокатско дружество „Комаревски, Димитров и партньори“ в началото на лятото тази година, следват още две разширени негови издания – този път във гр. Варна и гр. Пловдив.


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