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Иван Шербанов

The new model of work - Task Based Outsourcing

In the last few years, we have seen profound processes of change in the labor market, which the Covid-19 pandemic has repeatedly accelerated. Flexibility and rapid adaptability while always on the roadmap, became a top priority for the companies in the past year, which naturally created the need for new, decentralized models of work.

What changes and trends emerged from this new situation shares Ivan Sherbanov, Operations Manager of Manpower Bulgaria.

What are the lasting changes that are redefining the labor market today?

On the one hand, we see how more and more companies structure their activities in the form of projects with defined goals and objectives. Thus, the old business-as-usual model of operational activity is replaced by a project model, which assumes more short-term commitments, more dynamic teams and opens the door for involvement of external experts more easily.

Additionally, project-based work is becoming more widespread with this type of employment completely changing the way people search and perceive work. Traditional employment is being displaced by the desire of the talents to try a different work field or position or to eliminate the office factor from their employment relationship through a project commitment instead of permanent workplace.

Increasingly, people are self-defining themselves as contractors, which in turn has given rise to hybrid job offers, combining pay based on results with an hourly or several-day commitment with a clear end.

In this new market environment, which proofs to be the winning approach for the companies?

The combination of these two trends makes outsourcing tasks and activities to external partners a very convenient operational model in the modern world. It is this decentralization of activities called Task Based Outsourcing (TBO) that has been at the heart of our work model for the last few years, offering different TBO opportunities for different industries.

In the last year, the number of companies in the IT field that seek this service from us has increased significantly. Due to the increased need for flexibility and the strong fluctuation in the volume of work, for such companies most often we create outsourced teams of contractors who are involved in specific tasks in their active projects. The positives here are various - from a faster process of acquiring additional manpower, as we have a pre-selected pool of IT specialists, to administrative ease for companies that do not hire new employees, but use only their services.

Apart from IT, are there any other industries that can be identified as early adopters of the TBO model in Bulgaria?

We are also seeing growth in the demand for our services regarding attracting and selecting call center operators, specialists in the field of shared services, administrative staff and employees for the logistics industry. Many industries prefer to outsource such tasks and to focus on the core activities for their business in order to increase their efficiency.

Some companies choose to outsource to the complete creation of their sales teams. In such projects we form sales teams that meet their needs by hiring experts who can both train and manage the team and the sales levels.

The opportunities are numerous, and the future belongs to innovative, adaptive and flexible companies with quick reactions. We are here to support change through our expertise in human capital management and to help companies choose the most effective outsourcing or employment model for them.

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