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15 CV tricks that will get you more interview invitations

The CVs remain the main starting point for finding a job. Although there are new ways to provide your information to future employers - a LinkedIn account, a personal blog, your Facebook page, online events, etc. - having a CV is still a must.

That is why today we share with you various tricks on how to design and arrange your CV so that it presents you in your best light and highlights you in the selection process.

Creating a CV:

Your resume is the first meeting point between you and your next potential employer. It should be short and representable in an easy-to-read format with a simple font and a clear style for breaking down information.

Keep in mind that humans are visual creatures. It is important to put the contents of your CV in a "nice package" to create an attractive CV.

To make sure your resume meets the high standards of HR professionals today, follow these 10 tips:

  1. Customize - think about what makes you special and emphasize it
  2. Focus on important information - short, clear, precise
  3. Add volunteer experience and internships - in addition to strictly professional experience, such points in the CV help your future employer to build a more complete picture of you and your interests
  4. The data must be up to date
  5. The photo matters
  6. Don't use templates - although back in the days the European format for CVs was perceived as a standard form, these times are behind us. Bet on an individual design corresponding to the position you are applying for and in the best case synchronize with the brand colors of the company you want to join
  7. Don't give the incorrect information
  8. Do not list all positions in detail - there is no need to describe your entire professional path, leave only the relevant experience for the specific opening you are applying for
  9. Keep it short - in the United States, for example, one page CV is the standard, regardless of seniority. Although in Bulgaria things are more flexible, try to stick to short forms and do not exceed two pages.
  10. Check your grammar and style

How to organize your CV?

The layout of your resume also gives you room for personalization and the opportunity to focus on the most important information in it.

The two most common approaches here are chronological and skill-oriented. Here is when they are recommended.

Chronological format:

  • The appropriate format when looking for a position close to your current one.
  • The professional experience is listed in reverse chronological order and starts with the last employer/project.
  • Reading is very easy and logical and focuses on the candidate's career development.
  • The format emphasizes growing levels of responsibility or specialization.

Skill-oriented format:

  • Effective format if you are targeting a new/different type of position or a consulting role.
  • Allows you to combine experience gained in several jobs within one skill.
  • Emphasizes competencies and expertise (experience in sales, project management, etc.)
  • Focuses on achievements and professional skills, regardless of specific positions.

Tips for optimizing your CV today

The increasing technologization of various business areas requires new techniques and tricks for CV creation too. Here are some basic guidelines on how to update your resume to stand out in the digital age:

Create a video-based visual CV

This type of resume signals to future employers that you feel comfortable using new video editing technologies. This doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor, as many digital cameras and smartphones on the market today can capture high-quality videos.

Sync your resume with your LinkedIn profile

Present a professional look by synchronizing your CV and your LinkedIn profile. Many employers will check your social media profiles, which can include a much more complete picture of who you are professionally.

Optimize your resume for keywords

Create your resume by finding the right balance between reader convenience and keyword optimization. Make sure you have the right keywords in your resume by including relevant terms from the job postings. At the same time, make sure your CV is convenient for readers by using clear, concise language that communicates your skills.

All tips in this article are collected from the experienced consultants of Manpower Bulgaria. We hope that their implementation will help you get more interview invitations and bring you closer to your dream job.

One more thing: Even the smallest details are important and can either increase your chances for success or reduce them to a minimum. However, consistency and patience will bring you the desired result.

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