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Career development over 50 or how to stay attractive in the market even when you are not a "young hope"

Starting a new job at any age can be a difficult step, but for more mature applicants, these concerns are stronger. In fact, taking a new career path after the age of 50 is not as difficult as you think and has many positives.

Representatives of the over-50 generation are known for qualities such as loyalty and responsibility, which are highly valued by employers. Combined with the years of experience they bring with them, they often become ideal candidates for a wide variety of positions.

If you also want to take a new path and are thinking about a career change, we offer you some useful tips for a successful and smooth transition into a new role.

Assess yourself and your skills

Start with what you want to do, what you're looking for in terms of pay and flexibility, what you're good at, what you can offer a new employer, and how you can show them you're the right person for the role. Be sure to consult with a specialist well-versed in the latest developments in the labor market.

Learn something new

Carefully review the skills and experience required in the field in which you want to develop. Be proactive if you feel you lack some of the skills and expertise you need – research and read more about industry trends and enroll in training to acquire new skills. Make sure you're on top of technology. It's never too late to learn to operate a new machine, brush up on your Excel skills, or brush up on a foreign language you haven't used in a while.

Update your resume

It is imperative that you update your resume and format it in a modern and relevant manner. Here you can find 15 tricks for the layout of your CV https://manpower.bg/knowledge/cv-tricks. Don't forget to update your Linkedin profile too, or create one if you don't have one yet. This is your "business card" to potential employers, so it's especially important to present yourself well.

Seek support

Don't forget about the contacts you've made over the years. The so-called "networking" is a useful concept that is actively used in corporate environments and should not be underestimated. Think about all the people you've come in contact with throughout your career and see if they can help you find the right job for you, if only with ideas and advice.

Even if you are currently unemployed and it has been years since your last job, don't get discouraged. Show employers your motivation and drive, and focus on the valuable skills you've developed over the years, some of which are sure to give you advantages over younger job applicants.

As the retirement age rises and life expectancy increases, 50-year-olds looking for career development will have the opportunity to work for 15-25 years - too long to be underestimated.

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